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Centralize your planning


Seamless group and individual chats

Your Places

Follow your favorite places


All your calendars, Up to date

Your favorite places.
Now affordable.

Follow the places you and your friends love going to. Plan a rendez-Voo and if there’s spare capacity, they’ll lower the price and get you there for less.

* Deals are currently available in San Francisco only.

Easily Collaborate with your Friends

Intelligent Group Recommendations

Our recommendation engine understands you and will show the right places for you.

Suggest and Vote Places

Propose ideas to the group and vote for your favorite one

Tag People and Places

Intuitively tag people and places relevant to the conversation (soon)

Have Fun while Planning

Send giphys, pictures, and other secret
“slash” commands!

Use your favorite Apps*

  • Ride there with Uber
  • Get a Groupon
  • Sync with your calendar
  • Book with OpenTable

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